Co2 Honey Oil

Co2 Honey Oil

Have you heard of Co2 Honey Oil? You are going to find that this is a highly pure form of cannabis that is really taking the world by storm. This is amber in color and resembles honey, with the sticky residue…hence the name. It often contains 80% or higher levels of THC, great for those who are THC purest. With this being said, how is this made and why should you try it? We take a look at the answers!

How is Co2 Honey Oil Made?

Those who make Co2 honey oil in Canada are going to do this by packing the cannabis plant into a test tube that is glass. This test tube is held over butane to heat. On one end of the test tube, there is a screen affixed that helps to drain the oil that the heat is going to produce as it heats the plant. The oil drips out and then the oil is purged using heated water to remove any residue.

Why Use Co2 Honey Oil?

Now that you understand how this is made, why is this something that you want to use? There are several reasons!

  1. This is a convenient form of THC to use. You will find that it delivers high potency THC and it is still close to the original material.
  2. This is going to be a consistent experience since you are heating this oil using a dab rig. No more will you suffer from poor puffs since this is using a dab rig.
  3. This has an authentic flavor in that the final taste is what is derived from the source plant. It is also not going to contain any filler, which is something that is hard to find with other forms of THC.
  4. This is not going to contain the pesticides and other chemicals that are often used on the original plants to ensure that they survive to adulthood. Co2 honey oil does go through testing to ensure that the final product is pesticide-free and safe to use. This cannot be said of plants that are being homegrown or found elsewhere.
  5. Co2 Honey oil is always made with the highest quality plants in order to get a high-quality end product. You are going to find that these high-quality plants deliver the unique flavor and benefits that this Co2 honey oil offers.

Those who try Co2 Honey Oil for the first time often love it. They are in love with the unique and true flavor, the way that this can easily be used with a dab rig, and they love the purity of this Co2 Honey Oil. You will find that if you are new to the scene, this may be something to try if you have yet to do this and chances are you are going to fall in love with this. Buzzed Extracts is a great option for getting high-quality Co2 Honey Oil that is going to be a favorite for years to come.

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