How do you package dabs?

How do you package dabs?

Making great dads is only half the battle; properly packing your dabs is also crucial. We’d like to think that excellent shatter speaks for itself, and if you could offer everyone a taste, it would. However, in today’s market, it’s critical to distinguish out among the other extract and shatter firms on the shelf.

Let us take a look at some packaging options for your dabs.

Concentrate Containers For Packaging Dabs

Concentrates, like dabs, require particular packaging to keep them fresh for sale and storage. Medical mariThat’sjuana is, after all, medicine; therefore, it requires the same level of protection. Concentrate containers, whether it’s of plastic or glass, must keep the substance fresh, powerful, and secure.

·       Plastic Cosmetic Style Jars

Concentrates work well in small plastic jars since they’re designed to store items that need to retain all of their chemical properties. They’re clear; you can see the color of the shatter as well, making them ideal for selling and storing. However, there are several disadvantages to using plastic jars. Because plastic is porous, if highly concentrated items are left in it for an extended period of time, some of the chemicals may leak out of the product and remain in the plastic. Sticky concentrates can physically attach to the jar, which is inconvenient.

·       Glass Jars

Glass has been used to carry pharmaceuticals, tinctures, concentrates, waxes, and lotions throughout history. And it’s not for no reason. Because glass is naturally non-porous, the chemicals will not seep into the packaging. Clear glass is also ideal for exhibition packing since it helps you to see the shatter’s unique color. Of course, nothing is perfect. Thus, glass concentration containers have certain disadvantages, such as breakability and expense (depending on where you get your cannabis packaging). When transporting cannabis products in glass containers, more caution is required.

·       Extract Envelopes

Paper envelopes are a simple and cost-effective way to package dry cannabis concentrates like shatter. It may seem strange, but if your shatter isn’t too sticky or greasy, it’s entirely OK to wrap it in paper envelopes. You can also wrap the dabs in wax paper before placing them in an envelope and ask your packaging provider for waxed or lined envelopes. Because the paper won’t attach to them, these little envelopes are ideal for dry concentrates, and you may use them to package dabs that have been broken up enough to resemble dust.

·       Mylar Bags

Even sticky cannabis concentrates may be packaged in bags, which may not be your first assumption. If you wish to package your cannabis dabs in a bag, plastic bags are also an option. Mylar is a wonderful packing material since it comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including transparent. Bags with mylar or foil back and a clear mylar front are also available from cannabis packaging companies, allowing you to view the product as well as you would with a glass concentrate container.

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With any of the above-mentioned options, you can package your dabs securely and keep them fresh. Contact Creative Labz to get high-quality custom packaging for your dabs.

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